Bonnie Morgan is the founder of Design Like it Matters (DLIM) which is a boutique marketing and web design firm that aims to support small businesses and improve the community through socially responsible design and successful marketing techniques, specializing in working with small business entrepreneurs, community and membership organizations.

Bonnie’s approach is “whole business strategic analysis” that is hands-on and personal for small businesses. She harnesses the power of technology in the belief that the internet is one of those gifts we frequently take for granted.

Her first work with a client is to uncover what they aspire to achieve and reveal what they’ve done so far. Frequently, a new client might feel they need something like a Twitter account when what they really need is a business plan to sharpen their message or to polish their website.

Powerful tools are available in the small business-marketing arsenal—social media, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, etc. Every successful small business and community organization needs a website, at times a Facebook page, e-mail marketing, perhaps an Instagram or Pinterest account.

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  1. Pam Meyer Reply

    Hi Bonnie:

    Do you want to get together tomorrow? (We spoke at the TCC meeting this morning.) Another day is fine too if tomorrow is busy for you.

    Best Regards,
    310-234-3300 or cell 310-869-2392

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